Prefabricated Houses

The construction of the prefabricated houses are made very easily. They are produced and assembled with Press Panel System or Steel Carcassed Panel System in two or three-storeys as well as single-storey. The most important reason for prefering prefabricated houses are that it can be mountable and demountable several times. Also the manufacturing time and assembly is very quick. The gratest advantage of prefabricated light constructions are that it will be mounted on the ready-prepared concrete floor therefore it is earthquake resistant and light weight.

Our materials are packaged compatible to international transportation and packaging rules for overseas production.

Steps for constructing a Prefabricated House:

  • Create your own house idea, choose/create your house plan..
  • Choose your roof style, siding type and color, piece of rooms, kitchen, bathroom etc.
  • Approve before manufacture.. Pay the invoice amount..
  • Share your delivery informations for the transport..
  • Make the ground concrete floor ready for the installation of the house (we will give you the plan for concrete)
  • Assemble your house with the workers for installation..
  • Your home is finished and ready to live in it!
  • Don’t forget.. This is your house ! We are manufacturing what you need.