About Us

Bilka Prefabricated Houses is serving in the sector since 2013 and is also leading the sector as a prefabricated company. We do not compromise on quality and with our policy that takes customers complaints and suggestions into account we strive to provide the best service to you.

With our team of 45 people of assembly and production staff we continuously work on doing research and development on the R&D work to deliver the highest quality products and services, we also aim to add to the innovation sector.

Our activity areas are; Prefabricated Houses,  Prefabricated Building Site, Social Facilities, Office and Life Containers, Schools, Hospitals, Security Areas, Steel Construction Structures . Domestic and abroad we give service to all of our customers.

For more economic,high quality, and faster building site requests we can give  our costumers  products which are equipped with a new technology and different designs.These are developed with R&D and P&D Works.
Our company’s main goal is Customer satisfaction and we can also offer fast and quality solutions to our costumers in line with their requirements with our technical and administrative staff.

Product deliveries can be performed with truck, TIR, vessel, freight container, train or cargo planes. Materials are packaged compatible to international transportation and packaging rules for overseas productions.